BOPP Tape Slitting Machine-Popular

adhesive tape slitter machine

Slitting refers to the process cutting large jumbo rolls of BOPP tape material into desired width narrower rolls. They first unwind the master roll then pass the entire web through a series of slitters. Afterwards, it rewinds each section onto a new core.

Material for slitting: OPP tape jumbo roll
Voltage: 3 Phase 380 V 50 HZ (Or customized)
Max. unwinding diameter: 150 mm (for 4 shafts)
300 mm (for 2 shafts)
Inner diameter of paper core: 3 inch
Min. slitting width: 12 mm
Main Motor Power: Main Motor: 3 KW
Total: 3.37 KW
Effective Work Width: 1300 mm / 1600 mm
Machine Weight: 1.5 ton or so
Machine Dimension: 2250 / 2550*1000*1650 mm
Work speed: 0~180 m/Min.

Patented Product Advantages:

  • It eliminates the shaft direction gap of left and right movement for the rewinding shafts without wear, effectively guarantee the flatness of the finished tape roll surface.
  • It is completely no need to lock and unlock the upper and lower rewinding shafts when shaft loading and unloading, which highly reduces the labor intensity.
  • Designed with high efficiency, it can run at max. 260 M/MIN,slit and rewind the big diameter roll with high speed at 200 M/MIN.


  • Equipped with air pressure wheels, this efficiently reduces the noise when the tape jumbo roll was unwinding, the spreading roller can also avoid corrugating.
  • The feeding unit is designed from the back. Nice and elegant appearance.
  • Equipped with the extended wheel to avoid wrinkling.
  • As per requirement, automatic labeling device is available.

Our Service:

  • Engineers available to serve overseas if necessary.
  • Clients Training Service is available, the buyer’s employee can come to our factory to learn how to operate machines.
  • Machine warranty period is one year and easy-wear spare parts will be prepared in the tool box together with machines.
  • 24 hours online service
  • Any parts broken in future, just contact us.

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