Machine Packing Tape

Machine Packing Tape is applied to using a fast automatic carton taping machine. As the box runs through the conveyor, the tape rolls out and seals it securely. Machine Parcel Tape is ideal for packaging high volumes of cartons with minimal labor required. The advantage of longer rolls is it reduces the need to change rolls frequently. You can see, Machine Box Tape is much longer than hand packing tape roll. Machine Carton Sealing Tape is widely used in the industry of auto machine packaging.

Standard Length:  1000 y, 1000 m
Film:                           Polypropylene film
Adhesive:                  Water-based acrylic glue
Thickness:                45μm up to 80μm (25μm, 28μm, 30μm, 32μm, 37μm, 48μm film + glue)
Width:                        48 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, 72 mm, 96 mm, 144 mm and 150 mm

Lead Time:

  • 14 days or so after receiving the deposit

Shipping Port:

  • Shenzhen Port

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