OPP Packing Tape

OPP Packing Tape is also called packaging tape, parcel tape, shipping tape, officeworks tape, box sealing tape or carton sealing tape. These names are based on the use of this kind of tape (People use OPP packing tape mainly for closing or sealing corrugated fiberboard boxes). We can also call it BOPP adhesive tape. Through the name of BOPP adhesive tape, we can see it consists of a pressure-sensitive adhesive (acrylic water-based adhesive) and polypropylene (abbreviation: PP) film which is biaxially oriented to have strength in both the long direction and the cross direction, the glue is coated onto one side of the film. When we use OPP packing tape to seal, we should press the unrolled tape onto the surface of the carton to ensure the absolute touch. That is why we also call it BOPP pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. For colors-based names, we can see clear packing tape, clear packaging tape, clear parcel tape, brown packing tape, brown parcel tape, brown packaging tape, colored / coloured packing tape, white packing tape etc. As for large roll used for auto machine packaging, it is called machine packing tape. All the names above are for no printing on the film. Of course, there are many special forms of address when we see printing with the tape: printed packing tape, fragile tape, custom printed packing tape, printed packaging tape, logo printed packing tape etc.

Width of OPP Packing Tape:

  • 12 mm (1/2″)/18 mm (3/4″)/24 mm (1″)/36 mm (1.5″)/45 mm/48 mm (2″) /50 mm/60 mm/72 mm (3″)/96 mm (4″) /144 mm/150 mm

Length of OPP Packing Tape:

  • 30 yds/55 y (50 m)/66 m/90 m/100 yds/110 y (100 m)/132 m/300 yds/500 yds/1000 yds (914 m) etc.

Thickness of OPP Packing Tape:

  • 40 mic~80 mic or 1.6 mil~3.2 mil

Size of BOPP Packing Tape Jumbo Roll:

  • 1280 mm x 4000 m, 1030 mm x 4000 m, 1170 mm x 4000 m, 980 mm x 4000 m etc.

Color of OPP Packing Tape:

  • Transparent (clear, super clear, crystal clear)/brown (dark tan, buff)/colored (red, blue, yellow, green, black, beige, orange, white, etc.) /custom logo printed packing tape (1 color-4 color for printing content)


  • Common: 6 rolls/tower shrink or flat shrink, 36 rolls/carton, 48 rolls/carton,72 rolls/carton etc.
  • Special:     1 roll/shrink with private label, 1 roll with hand-held dispenser etc.

Custom Printed OPP Packing Tape:

  • Art and Printing Plate Charge: usd 100/color (of printing content)
  • MOQ of Custom Logo Printed Packaging Tape: 1920 m2 (For example, the rolls of 48 mm x 90 m should be 440 or so.)

Capacity/40’HQ for Packing Tape:

48 mm (2″) 55 y 36 3648 cases
48 mm (2″) 100 y 36 2974 cases
72 mm (3″) 100 y 24 2974 cases
48 mm (2″) 90 m 96 1147 cases

Packing Tape Physical Properties:

Total Thickness Film Glue Peel Adhesion Tensile Strength Elongation
1.6mil(40mic) 23mic 17mic 16 oz/in 11 lbs/in 180%
1.8mil(45mic) 25mic 20mic 18 oz/in 16 lbs/in 180%
2.0mil(50mic) 28mic 22mic 22 oz/in 18 lbs/in 180%
2.6mil(65mic) 38mic 27mic 22 oz/in 27 lbs/in 180%
3.2mil(80mic) 48mic 32mic 22 oz/in 32 lbs/in 180%