Rubber Splicing Tape(No. MK7600)

rubber splicing tape

Rubber splicing tape is designed for insulating and protecting joints and terminations of rubber and plastic cables, operating at the voltage of 1-35 KV. Self bonding electrical tape is also for insulating and sealing joints of telecommunication cables with the normal working temperature up to 90 °C.

Physical Properties:

  • Material:   Ethylene Propylene Rubber(EPR)
  • Total Thickness:   20 mil(0.50 mm)/30 mil (0.76 mm)/31.5 mil(0.80 mm)
  • Tensile Strength:   >2.5 Mpa
  • Elongation at Break:   >500%
  • Heat Resistance (100℃/168 hours):   No crack, no deformation, no visible bubble
  • Self Viscosity (Room Temperature, Water for 24 Hours):   No loosening, no water between layers
  • Power Frequency Dielectric Strength:   >30 KV/mm
  • Volume Resistivity:   >1 x 1014Ω∙cm
  • Tangent Of Medium Loss Angle:   <0.035
  • Dielectric Coefficient:   <3.5 Electric Carbon Trace Index (Inclined Plate Method):   >3.5 KV

1st Step: Take off releasing liner     2nd Step: Stretch the length to 200%     3rd Step: Wind it on cable

Shelf life recommended one year from the date of dispatch in the moderate temperature and humidity environment

OEM available
Lead time:   4 weeks after deposit
MOQ:   20 000 rolls
Shipping Port:   Shenzhen, China

Question 1. Are you factory of electrical splicing tape?
Answer: Yes, we are professional manufacturer with long history.

Question 2: How does your factory control the quality of self fusing splicing tape?
Answer: We have been implementing a strict and complete quality control system, which ensures that
each product can meet customers’ quality requirements.

Question 3: Can our private logo/label be printed on the packaging?
Answer: Yes, your logo/label can be printed on the packaging upon your authorization, we give OEM
service for many years.

Question 4: Sample free?
Answer: Yes, we can send free samples if you need.

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