Reflective Conspicuity Safety Tape

Reflective conspicuity safety tape is PVC/PET/PC/PMMA film coated with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive and wound on releasing liner. Reflective tape consists of highly reflective powder (glass beads) or cube corner (microprism) retroreflective elements that reflects light back to the source. Conspicuity tape has a flexible, smooth-surfaced, tough, solvent and weather resistant film. Reflective safety tape is designed for rugged outdoor use on the sides and rear of trucks, trailers, automobiles, and emergency vehicles to enhance safety on the roadway, also ensuring safety in work zone areas, advertisements and traffic signage by improving their visibility. Reflective conspicuity safety tape can also provide superior visibility and conspicuity to oncoming motorists which results in improved safety and image. Reflective conspicuity safety tape is hand-tearable, may be screen-printed and die-cut.

Reflective conspicuity safety tape Details:

Material PVC/PET/PC/PMMA film and pressure sensitive acrylic glue
Pattern Arrow/Stripe/Checker/monochromatic (white, green, red, yellow, blue, brown etc.), CE mark and DOT-C2
Luminous intensity 250 cd/lx2/m2
Width 3/4” (19 mm)/1” (25 mm)/1.5” (38 mm)/2” (50 mm)/3” (75 mm) etc.
Length 5 m/9.2 m/25 m/50 m/45.7 m (50 yds) or as required
Packaging shrink with label or as required

Physical Properties of Reflective conspicuity safety tape:

Thickness 175 mic
Service Life 5-7 year
180° Peel Adhesion 70 oz/in
Tensile Strength 11 lbs/in
Application Temperature Above 32°F
Temperature Resistance -70°F to 160°F

Shipping Port:

  • Shenzhen, China