Water Activated Reinforced Gum Kraft Paper Tape

Water activated reinforced gum Kraft paper tape is made of reinforced Kraft paper with fiber filament, coated with starch adhesive. It is 100% recyclable, free of pollution, good for environment. The fiberglass rope backbone provides structural support to heavy-duty packaging, sealing, moving and shipping. Reinforced water activated tape could also be printed with logo for advertising purpose. Water activated gum tape can be used in dusty, dirty, cold and hot environments and will retain its seal, recyclable, biodegradable. Water activated Kraft paper tape provides a tamper-evident seal that discourages theft, can make your cargo safer, allowing you to quickly detect if a box has been tampered in transit. Water activated Kraft tape is easy to apply by hand or with a dispenser. Using a tape dispenser, not a hand-held tape gun that can create repetitive motion stresses. Increase productivity by 21% over plastic tape. You can adjust before the glue dries for a perfect fit every time.

Water activated reinforced gum Kraft paper tape Details:

Backing Material Kraft paper with fiberglass yarns
Adhesive corn starch glue (water-activated)
Jumbo Size 915 mm(usable width)x2000 m
Thickness 145 mic
Sliced Roll Size as per customer’s requirements
Color brown/white or with printing words and logo

Water activated reinforced gum Kraft paper tape TDS:

Adhesion To Steel >14 N/In
Tensile Strength ≥85 N/In
Elongation <20 %
Holding Power  ≥24 Hours

Shipping Port:

  • Shenzhen, China