Orange Painters Tape

Orange Painters Tape

Orange painters tape(MT636) is made of crepe paper coated with rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive.
Application: Our orange masking tape is specially used for automotive painting (Wet sanding and water-based painting work).

Technical Properties:

Backing: Crepe paper
Glue Type: Natural rubber
Temperature Resistance: 100℃
Color: Orange
Thickness: 140 mic(0.140 mm, 5.5 mil)
180° Peel Adhesion: 7.0 N/25 mm
Tensile Strength: 80 N/25 mm
Elongation at break: 9%


Question 1. Are you factory of automotive painters tape?
Answer: Yes, we are professional manufacturer with long history.

Question 2: How does your factory control the quality of orange masking tape?
Answer: We have been implementing a strict and complete quality control system, which ensures that
each product can meet customers’ quality requirements.

Question 3: Can our private logo/label be printed on the packaging?
Answer: Yes, your logo/label can be printed on the packaging upon your authorization, we give OEM
service for many years.

Question 4: Sample free?
Answer: Yes, we can send free samples if you need.

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