Bopp Tape Paper Core Loading Machine

core loader unloader
tape core loader mould

Our Paper Core Loading machine is designed for automatic loading and unloading of the paper core from the rewinding shaft assembled with air compressor in 5-7.5 kW.
It is very easy to operate, the operator only needs to put the paper core into loading door, press the button for swift loading.
Pneumatic operation control is adopted to ensure high efficiency.
Corresponding aluminum mold should be used for specific width of paper core. For example, with 48 mm mould on the machine, you can load 48 mm paper core to rewinding shafts, and unload the 48 mm tape rolls from the shafts.

Machine weight: 312 KG
Machine size: 1540*830*1420 mm

Our Service:

  • Engineers available to serve overseas if necessary
  • Clients Training Service is available, the buyer’s employee can come to our factory to learn how to operate machines.
  • Machine warranty period is one year and easy-wear spare parts will be prepared in the tool box together with machines.
  • 24 hours online service
  • Any parts broken in future, just contact us.

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